8 Cute Gifts For Your Bookworm Friends

No bookworm can say NO to a cute gift.

Posted on 17 February, 2018


This Wicked Witch Handmade Bookmark!

Wicked witch handmade bookmark

Make reading more fun with this wicked Witch Handmade Bookmark. Perfect gift for book lovers inspired by the Wizard of OZ. Buy it from Amazon.


A scarf with the books they can’t buy

Infinity Book Scarf

Let them show off their book loving nature. Buy it from Amazon.


Or this ring that states the obvious

Bookworm Ring Gift

Nobody can say no to a cute ring. Buy it from Amazon.


Maybe this pillow showing their biggest lie

Just One More Chapter Decorative Throw Pillow

This will just remind them at night how they keep lying to themselves. Just one more chapter. Yeah right! Buy it from Amazon.


Cat Butt Flexmark Bookmark

Cat Butt Bookmark

Let this little cat butt follow you while you read. Buy it from Perpetual Kid.


F*ck Off I’m Reading Socks

F*ck Off I'm Reading Socks

Don’t forget to give these socks to those friends that don’t want to be bother while reading. Buy it from Perpetual Kid.


These Magician Boots need to be hanging from her book!

Cute Magician Bookmark

Get these little boots for your bookworm friend. Buy it from Amazon.


Kindly Go Away, I’m Reading Mug

Kindly Go Away, I'm Reading Mug

This mug will kindly ask strangers to go away, even friends. Buy it from Amazon.