4 Sites to Buy Cheap YA Books Online

Because you can never get enough young adult books ;)

Posted on 13 September, 2017

I love browsing through GoodReads and adding books to my ‘to-read’ shelf. Some books stay there for days… months… even years. Let’s stop that and begin actually buying and reading the books we want. Here I have a list of 4 different sites where you can buy cheap YA books online and get them deliver to your doorstop (or in the case of an audiobook, to your device).

4 Sites to buy cheap YA books online

1. Book Depository

You will find it hard to get a better deal than buying your YA books through Book Depository. Keep in mind that they don’t sell ebooks but they have a huge collection of physical books, I’m not complaining! They offer free international shipping to many countries. Be careful and check if they deliver to your country before ordering.

2. Amazon Books

Good prices, good deals and GOOD customer service. Amazon offers great deals every once in a while and also offers free books for the Kindle. If you are an international buyer, relax and be assured that your books will get delivered to your house.

3. AudiobooksNow

Do you want to experience something different? Maybe you should try listening to audio books. AudiobooksNow offers great prices for audiobooks through their Club Pricing Plan and also individually. Please remember that the app for AudiobooksNow is only available for Android and Apple iOS devices. If you don’t have these, you can still listen to it through the web browser.

4. Powell’s

I have not personally bought books from Powell’s, but I keep hearing that they have really good deals. They have many different options for shipping internationally ranging from $2.50 depending on the country. I will try them in the future and report!