Why I read Young Adult Books

Posted on 7 August, 2014

I must admit I don’t go around telling people I read YA, and it may be partly because I feel embarassed but also because it’s something personal that I like to do and that makes me happy. I’ve heard the tone on people’s voices when they tell me I only read those types of books like it’s something I shouldn’t do. This is why I’ve gathered my own 5 personal reasons as to why I read Young Adult Books.

Why I read Young Adult Books

5. You feel like a teenager again

I honestly don’t feel like I enjoyed my teenager years as I should have. I went through a situation and let it completely ruin my whole high school years and that may be why I feel like reading YA fiction lets me live what I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I stil can relate to the books, it’s just there are certain things I wish I had done and I feel I can do them through reading YA.

4. Thought Process

I like how the characters think. I’m always jumping ahead and scanning through pages because I want to know what the characters thinks at the end. Most of the time, I can follow along the thought process of the protagonist and I can sense where she/he is going or even feeling. I feel truly identified with the way most of the YA characters think, one way or another.

3. Funny and intriguing

Sarcasm. Funny remarks. Quirky characters. Interesting. Mysterious. Those are just a few characteristics I would use to describe YA. I truly enjoy a character that is able to joke around, has other interests and has flaws. This may sound really generic but I find YA books portray this kind of characters really good, while still mantaining the seriousness of the plot.

2. Wide Variety of Themes

I’ve read YA books talking about cancer, losing someone you love, first loves, bullying and so many more themes. This is the amazing part of YA, you can find literally every single theme and you explore that theme through the eyes of a teenager (This kind of goes with #4). A person who is growing up, changing, questioning life and we all do these things, everyday of our lives.

1. Memories

Every book I’ve read makes me think about the past and it’s not always a good thing to do, but I just do. The moment I begin reading a part that I can relate to, flashbacks come to my mind and I see myself as a teenager again. I see myself on my first date, I feel the nervousness I felt when I was approaching him near the entrance to the cinema. I feel the excitement of talking to a person all day. I feel the excrutiating pain I felt when I didn’t understand what was happening to us. It’s like a diary about you written by somebody else and I like remembering afterall.

As you can see, my 5 reasons kind of go to the same thought: We’ve all been teenagers and we all feel somewhat identified with the characters in a young adult book. I might be a bit biased given the fact that I don’t read anything apart from YA, so if you have a book suggestion, please let me know! I want to be able to expand my horizons!